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Sim City For Mac

Sim City Is Now Available For Mac Users

SimCity is now available to download for all Mac users via EA’s Origin Service and it’ll include cloud saves and cross-platform play as well. Also, every single PC owner will receive a completely free copy of the Mac version too. Although the city-building title isn’t available at the moment in Australia, it will be out there tomorrow. We […]

Sim City Theme Park

Sim City Theme Park Expansion Pack Out In May

Maxis have announced that their strategy city-building game (Sim City) will get a theme park expansion pack at the end of this current month. There have been various leaks on the Internet over the past few days regarding the amusement park add-on. Now though, Maxis have officially confirmed that the expansion pack will be out […]

Amazon US Pulls The Plug on SimCity

Electronic Arts will not be happy to learn that Amazon has officially resorted to taking down the game off of their US section of the site. The reason is the constant complaints about the game and consistent negative reviews from angry buyers. The SimCity game was launched in North America just c couple of days […]

EA to Add More Servers to SimCity

As we mentioned only yesterday, the SimCity servers are going extremely slow for gamers wanting to download and play. EA have decided to take action and install more servers so the game can handle the intense volume of players. This situation has occurred many times with video game, When Diablo 3 was launched last year […]

Sim City Downloads Going Slow

The popular simulation city building game went on sale today online and in stores for gamers to download from Origin. Using EA’s Origin service, gamers were able to pre-order the game and download it from there. However, reports suggest that the time taking to download the game is very slow indeed. Fans have been trying […]

Get Ready For The SimCity 2013 Beta

Game developers (EA Games) have announced that a beta lasting 3 whole days for the game will commence next week. It will start on January 25th at 5pm GMT and will last up until 28th January 2013 at 8am GMT. We covered a post last month on the new Sim City reboot game and will […]

Sim City 2013 Will Be The Best Yet

Announced to be released on March 5th 2013, Sim City 2013 will be the best in the series so far. It is the sixth game in the franchise and will be available for the PC with other consoles to be confirmed. Electronic Arts who are developing the game have said that they are using an […]