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Sim City Downloads Going Slow

The popular simulation city building game went on sale today online and in stores for gamers to download from Origin. Using EA’s Origin service, gamers were able to pre-order the game and download it from there.

However, reports suggest that the time taking to download the game is very slow indeed. Fans have been trying to get SimCity onto their hard drive this morning and all afternoon with downloading times taking it’s toll.

EA have declared that there are problems at the moment, and they’re taking the right course of action to put this problem right as soon as possible. The download is currently taking a good few hours for gamers to get access to the simulation game.

For the first time ever, gamers were given the option to pre download the game onto their hard drives a few days before the release of the game today. EA have said that this idea has not gone as fluently as they imagined it would have.

UK customers will hope that this inconvenience doesn’t apply to them when the game is released in their region on March 8th.

SimCity 2013
SimCity 2013

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