Sim City 2013 Will Be The Best Yet

Sim City

Announced to be released on March 5th 2013, Sim City 2013 will be the best in the series so far. It is the sixth title in the franchise and will be available for the PC with other consoles to be confirmed.

Sim City

Electronic Arts who are developing the game have said that they are using an altogether new engine for the in-game graphics. The audio will be considerably improved for this new title as well. The audio will have all the sounds that the cursor is directed on at all times for a more realistic feel.

Sim City 2013 will be available in Australia on March 7th, Europe on March 8th and North America first on March 5th 2013. There will be two official game versions, with the limited edition being the original and the digital deluxe edition being the better of the two.

This entry will have full online multiplayer play which is going to be greeted with excitement from fans of the series. Although players will in fact have to be logged into their personal EA Origin account in order to use this feature. Also a player must have Internet access in order to be able to play this mode as well.

There are continuous promo videos that are being released by the game makers EA. When we get these videos first, we will let you know by posting them on our official website pronto.

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