A Special Announcement Is On The Way For Tomb Raider

There has been a video leaked all over the Internet in the last couple of days stating that a special secret announcement is going to take place very soon. Crystal Dynamics who are in charge of producing the new Tomb Raider game have released a teaser trailer for it’s fans.

The date in which this very special announcement is going to take place is in fact December 18th 2012. So there’s only a week to wait until we find out what all this is about. Apparently the announcement is going to change the way that we all play the Tomb Raider series forever.

This is a very big shout and quite a curious statement to come out with if we don’t mind saying ourselves. People on the web are already trying to guess exactly what it is that the game developers are going to announce on Tuesday. Gamers have been saying that they think it might be Tomb Raider multiplayer for the first time ever.

It may be even that it gets itself a little Wii U version of the game, or maybe even make the big jump to Kinect. There are unlimited guesses as to what it may be, but let us know what you think it may be that is going to change Tomb raider forever.

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