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Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360 Title Update Out Now

Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360

Xbox 360 gamers who own the latest Resident Evil 6 game can now download the new version of the title update as of now. The update is completely free and will become available the next time you start up your game.

Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360
Image Credit Capcom

There is bonus content with this latest update including, a new difficulty setting called “no hope” which is the toughest level of difficulty on the game. Also there is a brand new co-op mode as well which is specifically for Ada’s campaign.

Ada’s Co-op Campaign: A New Co-op Mode

The no hope setting can only be played in co-op unfortunately, but your can double your skill points which is cool. Your players health does not get restored and you are not able to use skills either which makes it hard.

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The good thing is that you don’t have to be anywhere in the game in order to access Ada’s campaign. You can find it right at the start at the main menu without completing Chris, Leon’s or Jake’s own scenarios which is a plus.

Another great addition is some super cool new camera angles that have been put into this title update. If you felt that your player was in the way too much, there are now alternative camera angles to now choose.

The title update for the PS3 however, will launch a later time in this current month. So keep checking back for more details on that as we get them in.

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