EA to Add More Servers to SimCity

As we mentioned only yesterday, the SimCity servers are going extremely slow for gamers wanting to download and play. EA have decided to take action and install more servers so the game can handle the intense volume of players.

This situation has occurred many times with video game, When Diablo 3 was launched last year on the PC, there were problems with the sheer amount of people playing online. Also, the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team online mode seemed to struggle with the volume of users too.

That game of course is one of EA’s series aswell! To be fair to the game developers though, they do try and rectify their problems. EA want to make sure that when SimCity launches in the UK, there will be no issues to resolve.

They said in the EA forums that they are listening to every bug problem that their customers are reporting to them. Also stating that their team are working around the clock to make sure the bug fixes are in the game as soon as possible.

SimCity Bug Fixes

SimCity Bug Fixes

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