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Alien Spidy For Xbox Live & PC Out This Month

Enigma Software and Kalypso Media Digital’s action platform game (Alien Spidy) is due for release on March 20th. The game will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PC this month.

The gameplay is fairly simple with the main character being an Alien who’s found itself on Earth after a crash landing from space. Players must play through the game to seek the Alien’s friend called Virgi.

The game developers (Kalypso Media Digital) said that there will be plenty of puzzles for gamers to get through, aswell as being a real classic side-scrolling arcade game. There’s fantastic colour in the game, along with stunning animations that will keep gamers playing.

The challenges that players face will get much tougher towards the end of the game. If you want to purchase Alien Spidy, you can do so on March 20th when the game is released. The price will be 800 Microsoft points or £7.99 in real money.

Alien Spidy
Alien Spidy

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