Sim City Theme Park Expansion Pack Out In May

Maxis have announced that their strategy city-building game (Sim City) will get a theme park expansion pack at the end of this current month. There have been various leaks on the Internet over the past few days regarding the amusement park add-on.

Sim City Theme Park

Sim City Theme Park

Now though, Maxis have officially confirmed that the expansion pack will be out on May 28th. They confirmed it using the Sim City Twitter account, here’s the tweet in full.


The add-on will be much like the roller coaster tycoon and theme park world video games. Players will build an amusement park to boost their city’s tourism, economy and industry.

A trailer for the new expansion is expected to be released sometime this week. Check back to see the trailer here on GLN.

Sim City Theme Park add-on

Sim City Theme Park add-on

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