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Xbox Retail Edition Of Minecraft Delayed Until June


Microsoft have announced that the disc retail edition of Minecraft will be delayed for a further couple of months. Originally, the retail version was supposed to launch this month in April. Now, with no explanation as of yet, Microsoft have pushed the release date back  a bit to June 4th.

This delay will affect residents who live in the United States of America and it’s not yet know whether the affects will further widen to other continents. Taiwan, Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand are all expecting the game to be launched in the early part of June.

Minecraft has been a massive hit since it’s release, that being all the more impressive considering that the game is only available via the Xbox Live Marketplace. The retail edition will enable gamers that don’t have an internet connection to be able to play the game.

The upcoming retail version will have the exact same features as the online version has. The ninth title update will also bring new addition as well, and the price of the disc version will be £13.00 or $19.99 respectively.

Minecraft Out In June

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