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Frank Claus

We’ve spotted a free-to-play video game for the Android and IOS that gamers can download for free. It’s more of a game to pass time by whilst on the tube or waiting for something, like people did with Snake when it was the trend.

So don’t get carried away and think that there will be mind blowing graphics because you will be masterfully mistaken. Frank Claus is the only character in the game and he is the brother of Santa Claus. Players must prove there worth by catching as many falling Christmas presents as possible.

There are loads of different settings and environments in the game that work as levels. Each level that you progress will ultimately change the setting in the background. Frank Claus is an 8-bit arcade game that has three different game modes in it.

The classic game mode will be the standard one where players simply have to catch as many presents that drop as possible. The survive mode will up the difficulty setting a little by introducing obstacles like hidden bombs and aliens. Lastly, the rush game mode will task gamers to collect the presents in order to keep their energy/life up.

IOS and Android gamers can download Frank Claus: The Gift Katcher for free on Google Play and the app store.

Frank Claus
Frank Claus

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