Japan To Get Gloss Pink & Light Blue 3DS

3DS Pink & Blue

The ever growing population of the Nintendo 3DS continues to grow every single day in Japan. With Nintendo aware of this trend and reach, they have set out to release two new special edition 3DS models. Light blue and gloss pink are the colours in question and will be out on March 20th in Japan only.

Rather than the traditional standard 2GB SD cards, the new versions will come with 4GB. The colours will be more suited to the female gamer rather than men because of the feminine touch. The light blue might be okay for men if that’s what they want. The pink handheld version will definitely be more suited to women though.

It’s worth remembering though, special edition Nintendo 3DS consoles are often produced in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans. As a result, their availability may be limited, and they may become rare and valuable over time.

As of today, there has been no reason to suggest that these two colours will be heading in any other direction in the near future. We shall keep our eyes peeled though and be the first to let you know right here.

3DS Pink & Blue
3DS Pink & Blue

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