Indie Royale Launch Mash Bundle Of Games

Indie Royale Mash Bundle

A Mash Bundle of 5 video games has been announced by Indie Royal as a special package. The games included are Delve Deeper, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Krunch and Guns of Icarus Online. These specially curated packages of indie games are here for a limited time only.

The price set is a reasonable £2 and gamers can pay £4 in total instead will receive Zef’s Parallel Processing album and Danimal Cannon. This package seems like a real good deal and is worth investing if you are interested in any of the titles mentioned.

Info On List of Titles

  1. Delve Deeper: Developed by Lunar Giant Studios, Delve Deeper is a turn-based strategy game with mining and dungeon exploration elements. Players lead a team of dwarves as they mine for treasure, battle monsters, and compete against other mining teams in underground caverns.
  2. Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Created by Telltale Games in collaboration with Homestar Runner, this episodic adventure game features the character Strong Bad from the popular internet cartoon series. Players guide Strong Bad through various comedic and interactive storylines.
  3. Krunch: Developed by LeGrudge & Rugged, Krunch is an action-packed platformer that challenges players to navigate hazardous environments filled with deadly traps. The game offers fast-paced gameplay, unique mechanics, and a retro-inspired visual style.
  4. Guns of Icarus Online: Developed by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online is a multiplayer airship combat game set in a steampunk-inspired world. Players team up with others to operate airships and engage in intense battles against rival crews in a variety of game modes.
Indie Royale Mash Bundle
Indie Royale Mash Bundle

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