Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta Starts Today

Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta

Real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2 is preparing to go into an open beta later today and run up until June 18th, lasting a total of two weeks. It’ll feature six maps from the game’s multiplayer mode.

Video gamers will also get access to the 45 levels of the titles progression and bulletin system. The best part of the testing though, is the fact that all players will get to keep all their unlockables and retain all of their progression too. There is a catch however, players must purchase the game within the first 60 days of launch.

There was a closed beta that was running for a two-week period that has since come to a halt. Players must also use the exact same Steam account that they would use in the open beta as well. Company of Heroes 2 will be heading your way on June 25th 2013 for the Windows PC.

Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta
Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta

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