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Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Free Rainbow Screen Gift Info

Animal Crossing New Leaf

We all know which game video gamers have been getting stuck into over the weekend, but now we have something we want to share with you all. Nintendo are already giving out free gifts for Animal Crossing: New Leaf via SpotPass. They’ve made a Rainbow Screen available and we’re going to tell you how you can acquire it.

All you have to do to obtain your completely free bonus gift, is visit your local post office and then speak to Pelly. Then from there, select “Ask about a present” and, after checking the current availability online, she’ll hand it over to you straight away.

If you try your luck again and try and get another freebie, she’ll reply “Nice try, mister. You’ve already received the current downloadable item. I’ll assume it was an honest mistake.” So remember, you can only use and claim this bonus item once.

Animal Crossing New Leaf
Animal Crossing New Leaf

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