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Guncraft Now Available Via Steam

Guncraft Game

Reverb Publishing and Exato Game Studios have announced that their first-person shooter (Guncraft) is now available to download via Steam.

Guncraft Game
Guncraft Game

The game has creative building features, eight rich gameplay modes, and community participation. It’s up for a sale price of only £9.50/$14.99, which is great value for money.

The great thing about Guncraft, is the developers plan to add new gameplay modes, maps and extra features based on all the community feedback that they’ll receive from fans.

The title allows up to 16 players online to compete in a variety of game modes that include Spleef, Siege, Lava Survival, a Racing mode and Onslaught. By using the Gunsmithing feature, players can build up their weapons over time and even create their very own custom levels as well.

Check out our image gallery of some screenshots of the game below and we’ve also chucked in a trailer for good measure too.

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