UK Retailer GAME Announce £40 Next-gen Trade-in Deal

Game Trade-in

Game Trade-in

All major GAME stores right across the UK are now offering a type of trade-in deal where gamers can get £40 on particular PS3 and Xbox 360 current-gen titles when they decide to upgrade to next-gen editions of the same games. Just some of the more notable titles that are included in this deal are Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14.

The games pricing online is £49.99, so it’s not yet clear on how much they would cost, or what you’d get for them in-store. You can always pop-in to your local store and ask a member of staff for additional information on this particular deal.

More details are sure to be revealed in the coming weeks as consumers will look to take advantage of what comes across as a good offer. At least from what we know so far anyway, let us know what you think of the deals by using the comments box designated below.

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