Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Footage Showcases Four Classes

PvZ Garden Warfare

A new trailer for upcoming multiplayer action title Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare showcases four new classes for the game which are entitled All-Star, The Soldier, Engineer and Scientist. Each of the classes available has three abilities and a unique weapon.

The All Star has a exploding imp and football cannon, the scientist can spawn healing stations and has a Zomboss goo blaster, the soldier has a Zombie Steam Cloud, rocket launcher and assault blaster, whilst lastly the engineer is equipped with teleporters, a concrete launcher, turrets and a sonic grenade.

PvZ Garden Warfare
PvZ Garden Warfare

PvZ: Garden Warfare will be heading initially as an Xbox One and 360 exclusive in 2014 at some point, you can check out the trailer below.

YouTube video

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