Limerick: Cadence Mansion – Gameplay Trailer Drops

Limerick Cadence Mansion Trailer
Limerick Cadence Mansion Trailer

Jenito Studios, an independent game development company, has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Limerick: Cadence Mansion, an upcoming fantasy thriller adventure game set to be launched on PC in 2023 via Steam. The game boasts an intricate storyline of manipulation and dark science, as players solve puzzles, outsmart wicked creatures, and navigate the mysterious halls of Cadence Mansion.

“I’m overjoyed to finally unveil the Limerick: Cadence Mansion gameplay trailer to the world,” said Daniel Hall, a solo developer at Jenito Studios.

“Using Unreal Engine 5, every visual aspect of the game has been carefully crafted, with nearly all monsters and environments being original creations. I even composed the musical scores myself. All assets were meticulously selected to match the game’s style, tone, and overall flow. Soon, the doors of Cadence Mansion will open. Are you brave enough to enter?”

Watch The New Gameplay Trailer Here

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Within Limerick: Cadence Mansion, players venture into an abandoned mansion filled with monsters of all sorts, from the grotesque to the monstrous. Players must discover the mansion’s secrets and evade the nightmarish beings to escape. As they progress through increasingly eerie environments, they will need to solve puzzles and engage in cinematic boss battles that tear through the fabric of reality. Additionally, players can search the forgotten mansion for resources and use Panic closets as an escape from danger.

The game will be out at some point in 2023 this year on Windows PC.

Source: Official Limerickgame Website

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