Rainbow Six Siege Shotguns Get Insane Buff in Controversial Update

Rainbow Six Siege Buff Update

Rainbow Six Siege Update Massively Buffs Shotguns, For Better or Worse.

Rainbow Six Siege Buff Update

A seismic shakeup has hit the Rainbow Six Siege meta with Operation Heavy Mettle’s overhaul of shotguns. While boosting their aim and destruction power, the changes prove controversial among fans debating if Ubisoft went overboard.

New Update Now Live, Shotguns Are Now Overpowered

Siege’s arsenal has long been defined by Assault Rifles dominating at range while shotguns fulfilled niche destructive roles. But no more, as Ubisoft Montreal aims to make them equally viable for medium-distance face-offs.

The update, now live, enhances shotguns across the board in two key ways: vastly improved accuracy while aiming down sights, and increased demolishing capability when hip-firing. Patch notes promise a versatility upgrade.

YouTuber testing by Anifex proves the reality matches the hype. Shotguns now precision rip through targets at ranges rivaling rifles. Aiming particularly magnifies the insane buff, delivering pinpoint precision – albeit only while stationary.

YouTube video

By all accounts, the shotty stands redefined. But reactions are mixed on whether the enhancements elevate or break Siege. Some players cheer having more options to counter the assault rifle ‘monopoly.’ Destruction-happy fans also welcome increased environmental damage.

However, others argue Ubisoft’s overzealous buff swings shotguns completely overpowered. They point to the effortless mid-range kills as reducing Siege to “Fortnite with 1-shot kills” rather than tactical finesse. Such drastic changes were bound to spark divisions.

Defenders Most Likely to Benefit from Changes

New Shotguns Are BROKEN In Rainbow Six Siege

The most likely beneficiary appears to be defending teams, who now possess scary stopping power up-close and at range. The ambush potential of the M870 in particular seems ominous, given its pre-patch devastation.

Of course, the ramifications will become clear as players adapt to the new normal. But Ubisoft seems to have intentionally pushed the envelope with this patch rather than subtle tweaks. The risk is arguably needed to truly shake up the calcified meta.

Whether the change resonates positively or fractures the community further remains to be seen. But indifference seems impossible given the scale of the shotgun shakeup. Recently there was a crossover with the Master Chief from Halo that went down well within the community.

Beyond buffing blasts, the new season also introduces Operator Ram and the Nighthaven faction to Rainbow Six lore. But for now those additions are dwarfed by the spirited shotgun debate enflaming community passions.

Rainbow Six Siege once again proves an addictive cocktail blending innovation and controversy. While Ubisoft stirs the pot, fans now debate whether the new flavour satisfies or overwhelms. But Siege’s essence has always been reacting to upheaval. However one feels about shotguns, more epic nights of tense tactics await.

Source – Ubisoft

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