Viking Invasion 2 Details

Viking Invasion 2

Viking Invasion 2 is out next month and it will see Olaf the Viking back once again in this cartoon fantasy adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS. The aim of the game is to stop the group from pillaging everything that is in their way.

All of the Vikings will be out to get you and it is your job to build clever defences to stop these crazy characters from taking a tactical advantage. You can unlock various new buildings as well as upgrade your own personal defences.

There are a total of 32 maps overall to get through, as well as a all new survival mode. Also there will be 30 enemies to annihilate with 8 different types of towers and a total of 96 individual upgrades.

Viking Invasion 2 will be out in North America on February 21st and in Europe on March 14th next month. You can purchase the game via the Nintendo eShop at a reasonable price of £4.99 and the alternate boxed version of the game is out on March 29th in Europe.

Viking Invasion 2
Viking Invasion 2

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