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Gears of War: Judgment Discounted DLC

As you may well know, Gears of War: Judgment will be released on the 19th March this year. What you may not know is that Epic games will be offering a lucrative deal that cannot be missed by the fans of the franchise.

The deal involves a personal VIP pass that can be obtained for 1600 Microsoft points or £12 in hard cash. After obtaining the pass, you will have all your XP doubled and also have access before anyone to two expansion packs.

The two expansion packs will involve five brand new weapon skins, six all new multiplayer maps, four armour skins and two additional game modes. The Execution mode will be completely free as a DLC on April 2nd which has a new map called Haven.

There will be another new map to get through called Capitol, once Gears of War: Judgment has been released for real. So there’s plenty of playing time and maps to play through once all these downloadable content add-ons are out.

Gears of war Judgment DLC
Gears of war: Judgment DLC

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