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Yu Suzuk Thinking of Funding a Shenmue III Game

Yu Suzuk is having a long think about funding a project, in which a Shenmue 3 game can be developed. A Television journalist called Sebastien-Abdelhamid personally interviewed the man behind the Shenmue series (Yu Suzuki) during the Monaco Anime Game Show.

Yu Suzuki had also said that he wants to be able to continue the storyline in an anime or manga type way. The Shenmue series has got it’s fair share of followers and super-fans. The games have a die hard cult following not just in Asia but all over the world.

The news that a possible third installment in the franchise will be a welcomed addition amongst the Shenmue faithful. The previous game (Shenmue 2) was last released back in 2001, and the franchise seemed to fade away a bit. Now there is hope of a reborn game that might even feature on one of the next gen consoles.

We will cover more on this story as it develops and let you know on whether or not the Shenmue III gamer will get a go ahead.

Shenmue 3
Shenmue 3

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