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The New Next-Gen Xbox To Be Revealed Tonight

Xbox Reveal

Well after months of consistent speculation, rumours and gossip, the new next generation Xbox is set to be revealed tonight by Microsoft. Many news sources have claimed that the machine will have an always online mode attached to it. Amongst other rumours include the blocking of pre-owned video games.

We’re all set to find out exactly what the new Xbox has in store for us in a matter of hours. You can watch the stream at approximately 6PM tonight (UK time ) on xbox.co.uk or .com, it’s entirely up to you.

Another easy way to relax and hear what’s in store for us all, is by watching it on the Live Event Player direct on your Xbox 360 console. However, you’ll need to update your console before you go ahead and watch.

The next Xbox Reveal has been trending on social networking site (Twitter ) all day today. We’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be trending for a lot longer than that as well. So far, there’s not been solid evidence on what features the new machine will bring. This will put everything to bed and really confirm as to what exactly the next-gen Xbox will bring to the table.

The Xbox UK Twitter account has been busy tweeting away all day and they shared this following tweet with their fans and neutrals via the promoted avenue:

What do you want to be announced by Microsoft regarding the new Xbox at 6PM tonight? Let us know all of your thoughts by using the comments box below.

Xbox Reveal
Xbox Reveal

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