Xbox One To Be Region Locked, Microsoft Confirms

Computer giants Microsoft have confirmed that they’ll have to make their upcoming Xbox One console region locked because they want to maintain their strategy that they have in place for the current 360 machine.

The region locked system is quite a clever idea, and many industry’s tend to go down this route in an attempt to stop discs from being played in a variety of different regions. Movies, music and video game discs are the main focus when it comes to region locking.

Nintendo are currently running a region locking system with their Wii U console which joins only the Xbox 360 in the only two machines to implement this system.

According to a representative who talked to DigitalTrends, video games will now have to meet country-specific regulatory guidelines. Although the Xbox One reveal went reasonably well, their have been a few question marks hanging over the next-gen console and this is the last thing consumers wanted to hear.

The gaming community still doesn’t know whether the Xbox One will not allow the use of playing used games or not. So many might choose to jump ship and go for Sony’s upcoming next-gen machine instead.

The fact that the PS3 wasn’t a region locked console, means the PlayStation 4 is highly doubtful to be carrying this trait too come the fall of 2013 when it’s officially launched.

Xbox One Region Locked

Xbox One Region Locked

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