The Wii U is Cheap Now at Asda

UK supermarket retailer (Asda) have reduced the price of the Nintendo Wii U making it one of the cheapest places to acquire the new console. The standard 8GB Wii U console is now being sold at a reasonable £199.99. The price of the premium black edition has been reduced also to an amazing £249.99.

The discounts prove how desperate Nintendo are to make some sales on the flop of a machine. The Wii U has not sold very well in the UK and that can be said globally aswell in truth.

The console was released back in November 2012 and has failed to make the impact that it intended to. The task is only going to be even greater with the announcement of the new Sony PlayStation 4 coming out soon too. Also, Microsoft are rumoured to be unveiling their new Xbox 720 console this week too.

Wii U Cheap

Wii U Cheap at Asda

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