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Payday 2 Out in the Summer

Overkill Software have today revealed that Payday 2 will launch this summer (2013) on the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The first game titled Payday: first heist was originally launched only on the PC and PS3 back in 2011.

The game developers have said that this new game takes the Payday series to a whole new level. There are some really cool new features in Payday 2 that did not feature in the first game. There’s to be a skill and progression type system and also four all new professions which will carry out their own ability.

There will be plenty more news on Payday 2 throughout the year leading up to the games release in the summer. Catch all the latest gossip and news right here on GLN first.

Payday 2
Payday 2

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