Payday 2 Out in the Summer

Payday 2

Overkill Software have today revealed that Payday 2 will launch this summer (2013) on the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The first game titled Payday: first heist was originally launched only on the PC and PS3 back in 2011.

The game developers have said that this new game takes the Payday series to a whole new level. There are some really cool new features in Payday 2 that did not feature in the first game. There’s to be a skill and progression type system and also four all new professions which will carry out their own ability.

In Payday 2, players take on the role of career criminals known as the “Payday Gang.” The game focuses on performing various heists, ranging from bank robberies to drug trafficking operations and more. Players can choose from a variety of characters with unique abilities and skills to assemble a team and carry out the elaborate heists.

The gameplay emphasises teamwork and strategic planning. Each heist offers multiple approaches and dynamic elements, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle. Successful completion of heists rewards players with experience points, money, and loot, which can be used to unlock new weapons, equipment, and character customisation options.

Payday 2 features a progression system that allows players to upgrade their skills, acquire new abilities, and specialise in different roles within the team. Additionally, the game offers both offline and online multiplayer modes, enabling players to join forces with friends or other players worldwide to execute heists cooperatively.

There will be plenty more news on Payday 2 throughout the year leading up to the games release in the summer. Catch all the latest gossip and news right here on GLN first.

Payday 2
Payday 2

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