Payday 3 Gameplay Reveal Teased in Latest Trailer

Payday 3 Reveal Trailer
Payday 3 Reveal Trailer
(Image Credit Starbreeze Studio)

As the much-awaited game continues to be a topic of anticipation, the studio has finally announced that this summer, we will witness gameplay footage. In a brief teaser video, a shadowed figure states, “Alright guys, it’s a simple job,” revealing nothing about the game, yet suggesting more details are forthcoming.

Despite facing significant challenges over the last few years, Starbreeze Studio has remained steadfast in its commitment to launch Payday 3 this year. The studio faced legal action in 2018 when Swedish authorities charged them with insider trading. And the following year, due to financial struggles, 25% of its staff were laid off.

Payday 3 continues the story of the gang, now targeted not only by the criminal underworld but also by the law. Described by the developers as “the next chapter and an evolution of the franchise,” the game will utilise advanced technology to create a “fully-fledged social heist universe.”

Payday 3’s First Teaser Trailer: What We Can Infer About the Game

Starbreeze and publisher Prime Matter have unveiled a new teaser trailer for the stealth title, confirming that the long-awaited gameplay reveal of the heist shooter will take place this summer. Although the teaser itself provides little insight into the game, the announcement implies that more information is forthcoming, potentially at Summer Game Fest in just over a month. The trailer is available below for your viewing pleasure.

YouTube video

Earlier this year, the game’s first teaser trailer was released, indicating that the title would be available for PC and consoles in 2023. At this time, it remains unclear which exact consoles Payday 3 will be released on.

In addition, Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren announced the production of a live-action Payday TV series. There’s not much info on that at the minute either but we’ll keep you posted in the event of any new developments.

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