How To Get The Commander Outfit – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How To Get Star Wars Jedi Survivor Commander Outfit
How To Get Star Wars Jedi Survivor Commander Outfit
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor boasts a plethora of captivating and distinctive cosmetics, empowering players to fashion their very own Cal Kestis with unparalleled originality. From flaunting a mullet intertwined with a handlebar moustache to exhibiting a refined armour that mirrors the iconic Star Wars Legends characters, the extent of possibilities is nearly boundless in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Indeed, the sartorial options are far more diverse and intricate than a mere poncho from its antecedent game.

One of the most distinguished ensembles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the Commander outfit. This particular attire exudes a sense of command, resembling the battle attire of a heavily armoured Jedi Knight, one that is fully equipped to combat the entire Empire single-handedly. Without a doubt, the Commander outfit is a superlative choice.

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Nevertheless, players should brace themselves for some daunting tasks ahead, as they must unearth the specific components from challenging puzzle encounters and treasure chests. Make sure to check out our full walkthrough guide that covers most tips in the game. If you prefer video over text/articles, then we’ve posted one below for your convenience.

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Location of the Commander Jacket

star-wars jedi-survivor commander armour

To obtain the coveted Commander Jacket, players must venture to Jedha, starting their expedition from the Anchorite Base Meditation Point situated in the Narkis Desert. Once there, you must embark on a treacherous journey through the Arid Flats in search of the precious treasure. The optimal route is to head left, sprinting across the rugged terrain for a few seconds, and following the path until reaching a modest descent.

From here, players must hastily dash across and scale the rocky hill directly ahead. Upon reaching the hill’s summit, the chest containing the coveted Commander Jacket shall be discovered. This striking chest piece not only adds to the users wardrobe but also provides a noteworthy fashion statement to continue their journey through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s primary storyline.

Location of the Commander Trousers

star wars jedi survivor commander trousers

Remaining on Jedha, players should head to the Arid Flats Meditation Point nestled within the Narkis Desert. Claiming this treasure is far from arduous since you’ll need only to glance slightly to your left to discover the chest that safeguards the coveted Commander Pants. With the Commander trousers secured, players will have completed the Commander Set in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, sans the Colour Materials.

The Commander trousers are equipped with resilient greaves and a half skirt, imparting Cal Kestis with the guise of a stalwart soldier, a formidable uniform for a Jedi Knight battling hordes of galactic armies, bounty hunters, Sith Lords, and battle droids. Acquiring the Commander Pants is a relatively simple feat, and users need only to have unlocked the Jedha HUB area to obtain it.

How To Get Commander Shirt & Where

star wars jedi survivor commander shirt

The Commander Shirt is undeniably the easiest cosmetic to acquire from the Commander Set. The prerequisites for claiming this alluring garment are uncomplicated. Players must simply advance through the Koboh storyline until they reach the Rambler’s Ranch, which unlocks Doma’s Outpost Commodities, where it can be obtained. This is the emporium where players can barter their coveted Priorite Shards, a collectable obtainable from both Koboh and Coruscant.

Claiming the Commander Shirt necessitates a trifling number of 3 Priorite Shards, which can be effortlessly amassed during the course of the player’s journey through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Unlike the other attires in the Commander Set, the shirt does not necessitate any concealed chest, and you will automatically unlock the corresponding colour materials upon its acquisition, bringing you one step closer towards obtaining the complete Commander Set in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Location of the Commander Jacket’s Colour Material

Jedi Survivor Jacket Colour Material Location

To acquire the elusive Commander Jacket Colour Material, players must first journey to Koboh and proceed to the Loading Gantry, which can be accessed via the Hanger Rafters Meditation Point situated in the Viscid Bog.

Once there, players must direct their attention towards the left, where a formidable deflector shield obstructs their path. This is not the same green shield that can be navigated through Merin’s Night Sister magic; instead, it can only be dismantled by solving a puzzle, provided players have unlocked BD-1’s Electro Dart upgrade.

With BD-1’s upgrade equipped, players must utilise the droid to aim and fire at the glowing blue electric charge that powers the shield. Upon deactivating the shield, players must employ their grappling hook to infiltrate the room. Here, players shall come across an empty chamber housing only a single chest. This chest, however, shall bestow upon players the coveted Commander Jacket Colour Material, which allows them to customise the jacket’s colour to their preference, lending it a unique touch.

Location of the Commander Trousers Colour Material

Jedi-Survivor Colour Material Trousers Location

Staying on Koboh in the Viscid Bog, players must make their way back to the Hanger Rafters Meditation Point. From there, players should veer left and leap forward while employing the Force dash technique to traverse through the exposed passageway. Upon reaching the first left turn, signified by a green shield and a blue climbing point, players must execute a Force dash manoeuvre towards the blue climbing wall, and then spring forth with a jump and Force dash through the green shield. It’s crucial to wield a lightsaber since this room is brimming with adversaries.

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Once the area is secure, players must ascend the blue wall, leading to an upper level, where they shall encounter another green shield that must be breached with the Force dash technique. Players must then initiate a wall run and leap between two walls to reach a dead end. After a few more rounds of wall running and Force dashing, players shall finally stumble upon the chest they seek, holding the coveted Commander trousers Colour Material. This shall grant players access to a plethora of novel colours to adorn their Commander trousers with.

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