How to Get Santari Khri’s Lightsaber: Jedi Survivor Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri's Lightsaber Guide
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri's Lightsaber Guide

In the captivating and immersive universe of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there exists a plethora of unique items that players can acquire to enhance their gaming experience. Among these, one item stands out for its unique design and significant role in the game – the Santari Khri’s Lightsaber.

This coveted weapon, adorned with High Republic motifs, is a must-have for any player looking to elevate their gameplay. This guide will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough on how to acquire this lightsaber, making your journey in the game even more exciting. We have even included a video tutorial at the end in case you need it.

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The Location of Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber Location

The first step in your quest to acquire Santari Khri’s Lightsaber is to head to the Koboh – Untamed Downs zone. This zone, known for its rugged terrain, mysterious caves, and challenging quests, is where your adventure begins. The Untamed Downs zone is a testament to the game’s rich world-building, offering players a unique environment to explore.

Specific Location

The lightsaber is hidden inside a cave in the Bygone Settlements area within the Untamed Downs region. This area, steeped in history and filled with remnants of past civilizations, adds an extra layer of intrigue to your quest. The cave is not immediately visible, which adds to the challenge and excitement of the quest.

Proximity to Landmarks

The cave is conveniently located nearby the Rambler’s Reach Outpost, a well-known landmark in the game. This outpost, known for its bustling activity and strategic location, serves as a helpful guide as you navigate your way to the lightsaber.

How to Reach the Location

Starting Point

Your journey begins at Pyloon’s Saloon, a popular meeting point for players in the game. This bustling hub of activity, filled with characters offering quests and traders selling valuable items, is the perfect starting point for your quest.


From Pyloon’s Saloon, exit through the front door, turn left, and proceed past the left-hand side of the Stables. This path will lead you towards the Untamed Downs zone. Keep an eye out for a large rock formation – this is a key landmark that will guide you to your destination.

Challenges in Acquiring Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

One of the main challenges you’ll face in your quest is that the lightsaber is hidden behind a breakable wall. This obstacle adds an element of puzzle-solving to the quest, requiring you to use your abilities strategically to overcome it.

The Need for Force Pull

Force Pull Jedi Survivor

To break the wall, you’ll need to use Force Pull to grab the Roller Mine. This ability is essential for progressing in your quest. Mastering Force Pull will not only help you in this quest but also in various other challenges throughout the game.

Throwing the Roller Mine

Once you’ve grabbed the Roller Mine with Force Pull, you’ll need to throw it at the door to reveal the chest. This action requires precision and timing, adding another layer of challenge to the quest.

The Reward: Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber Reward

Santari Khri’s Lightsaber is a sight to behold. It features High Republic motifs and looks particularly well with white paint and bronzium. This unique design sets it apart from other lightsabers in the game, making it a prized possession for any player.

The Significance of Acquiring the Lightsaber

Acquiring Santari Khri’s Lightsaber is a significant achievement in the game. Not only does it enhance your combat abilities, but it also adds a unique element to your character’s appearance. The lightsaber’s distinctive design will set your character apart from others, showcasing your accomplishment to other players in the game.

Tips and Tricks for Acquiring Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

To make your quest for the Santari Khri’s Lightsaber as smooth as possible, here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Master the Force Pull ability: Before embarking on your quest, ensure that you have mastered the Force Pull ability. This ability is crucial for overcoming the breakable wall challenge.
  2. Pay attention to landmarks: The landmarks mentioned in this guide, such as the Rambler’s Reach Outpost and the large rock formation, will help you navigate to the cave. Keep these landmarks in mind as you make your way to the lightsaber.
  3. Practice your timing: Throwing the Roller Mine at the door requires precise timing. Practice your timing to ensure that you can successfully reveal the chest.

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Video Tutorial

YouTube video

For those who prefer a visual guide, check out this comprehensive Star Wars Jedi Survivor video tutorial on how to get Santari Khri’s Lightsaber. This tutorial provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the quest, showing you exactly how to navigate to the cave, overcome the challenges, and finally acquire the lightsaber.

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