Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How To Find Doma’s Mysterious Keycode

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Secret Code
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Secret Code

In the world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are ample opportunities for off-track exploration, complemented by an abundance of treasures to uncover. You may have heard about this secret code and where to find it. During your odyssey, you’ll stumble upon Priorite Shards, a novel form of currency that finds utility at various marketplaces throughout Koboh. These shards open up a world of customisation choices for your character, Cal, and his lightsaber. But amidst this treasure trove, a particular item at Doma’s Outpost Commodities – the Mysterious Keycode – tends to be quite the enigma.

This intriguing Keycode, which remains silent about its true purpose, stands out in Doma’s collection. Given its steep price tag of ten Priorite Shards – a bit of a rarity early in the game and certainly a pricey offering amongst Doma’s inventory – you’ll naturally want some clarity about this investment. Well we are here to help and this walkthrough guide will show you how to do this with ease. There’s even a video tutorial at the end if you need it.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Unlocking Doma’s Marketplace

Jedi Survivor Doma Shop Mysterious Keycode

First and foremost, Doma’s marketplace needs to be unlocked. The procedure is relatively straightforward – you just need to progress adequately in the “Find Greez” questline on Koboh. Upon reuniting with Greez, the storyline will lead you deep into the bowels of Pyloon’s Saloon in search of parts to mend the Mantis.

Once you locate Zee and bring her to ground level during the mission, Doma’s marketplace will be at your disposal, giving you the chance to ponder over the purchase of the Keycode.

Doma’s marketplace sits across from Pyloon’s Saloon, with its prominent blue entrance making it hard to overlook. But if you do struggle to locate it, don’t fret – it’ll be conveniently indicated on the map as soon as you gain access.

Deciphering Doma’s Secret Keycard

Jedi Survivor Secret Closed Door at Domas Shop Mysterious Keycode

Upon entering Doma’s marketplace, you can peruse her assortment of items. While most are rather straightforward – think hairstyles and attires for Cal – the Mysterious Keycode for ten Priorite Shards is an outlier.

When you hover over this item, Doma comments that it unlocks a door in her shop, but the contents behind it remain a mystery even to her. It’s somewhat peculiar that she’s charging for access to one of her own doors, but let’s roll with it.

Even though spending ten Priorite Shards on an unknown item may seem like a gamble, we highly recommend acquiring the Keycode as soon as you can. To your pleasant surprise, you’ll discover an extra Stim Canister for Cal hidden behind the door, allowing for an additional healing opportunity. Considering the struggles players encountered locating Stims in the original game, this extra boost proves to be a valuable advantage early in the game.

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Jedi Survivor Secret Code Video Tutorial

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