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No Need For New Patches After Halo 4 Update

Halo 4 Weapon Update

Since the arrival of first-person shooter Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, players have soon realised that new patches need to constantly be downloaded in order to change the weapon balance. Now, 343 Industries are about to release an update that will put a stop to this inconvenience for their customers.

Time after time there are weapon patches being released all over the place so that players can change the dreaded weapon balance. The update though will tweak and fine tune the Halo 4 sandbox to get rid of this fault forever. The developers want to test out all the additional updates first to make sure that they all go down well.

There’s also been a recent tweak to the Warthog weaponry in the last week or so too. Not too far into the future, 343 Industries do plan to add additional game modes and maps via updates. These probably will be downloadable content that might have to be purchased though.

Halo 4 Weapon Update
Halo 4 Weapon Update

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