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Warhammer 40K in Development For Tablets & Smartphones

Warhammer 40k Smartphone Tablet

A new side-scrolling all out action Warhammer 40,000 game will be developed by Roadhouse Interactive it has been revealed today. There are not that many details available at the moment, but the game will be made specifically for the Tablet and Smartphones.

Players will be a Space Marine character that goes on a journey to literally destroy every single enemy in his path. The futuristic fantasy video game will please many of the cult followers that the franchise have all over the globe. It’s not yet know if the Games Workshop will have any input or part in the development of the game.

As soon as we get more information and news on the upcoming Warhammer 40k for Tablet and Smartphones, we’ll post it right here on gameslatestnews.com as it comes in.

Warhammer 40k Smartphone Tablet
Warhammer 40k Smartphone & Tablet

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