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Retro/Grade Released For PC Via Steam

Retro Grade PC

Today 24 Caret Games have exclusively revealed that their sci-fi space shooter Retro/Grade is now available for the Windows PC via Steam. The game was previously introduced to the PlayStation 3 via the PSN.

This is by a country mile one of the most unique and original video games for quite a long time. In regards to gameplay and the way that it plays, you must do every action in reverse. Much like playing the game backwards. It’s set in space, so you take control of lead character Rick Rocket and save the space time continuum.

For gamers that are well into space and and science fiction type video games, then this is right up your street. Whilst playing the game, you can even undo all the previous mistakes that you might have made. Having a full fuel tank on board of your ship will help you use these power-ups to effectively time travel through space.

You can get the PC version of Retro/Grade here, and enjoy this wonderfully original and delightful game.

Retro Grade PC


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