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Call of Duty: Ghosts Rumours

Call of Duty Ghosts

According to many reports around the Internet, Activision will name their next Call of Duty game (COD: Ghosts) in the not too distant future. Speaking of which, the game is supposedly set in the future but with modern day weaponry at hand.

The gossip and rumours were started by a YouTube user that goes by the username of DriftOr, and they have even posted a video about it as well. The You-tuber has said that a very legitimate source has provided him or her with various amounts of information including the game modes and announcements.

From what DriftOr claims, Activision want to take a step away from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare brands for a while. In doing this, they want to create a third spin-off series entitled ghosts that will have a unique plot. This plot involves being in the future, but only being able to use weapons and items from the past.

Other additional features will be sliding along the floor, peeping around corners for shooting, dashing, and rolling from side to side to dodge bullets and gunfire. There’s also to be special cut-scenes for stuff like breaking windows and climbing out of helicopters whilst in flight.

Spec Ops will be completely replaced to make way for a totally new revolutionary game mode.This is all according to YouTube user DriftOr of course. Until we get any kind of confirmation from Activision, we should all take it with a pinch of salt and perhaps dismiss it as idle gossip and the guessing game.

One thing that we do know for certain, is Activision want to launch the next Call of Duty installment onto the next gen consoles. This will be either the PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 or both! Also the PC will probably get a taste of the action as well we would imagine.

So what do you think about all these latest rumours regarding the next Call of Duty title? Are you totally convinced, and do you believe any of it?

Call of Duty Ghosts
Call of Duty Ghosts

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