Fuse Dated For May Release in UK & US

Insomniac Games have announced that their shooter (Fuse) will be out in May in the UK and USA. Originally the game was supposed to be out this month, but EA had to delay the release date and put it forward a month and a half.

Fuse use to go by the name of Overstrike before the name was changed to Fuse in Seattle last year. In Fuse, four main characters can use the Fuse energy source to cause extreme destruction by using it as a main weapon.

If gamers pre-order the game, they will get some very special add-on bonuses for their trouble. These include, team perks, customization, weapons and Armour to use in the game. Fuse will be out on May 28th in the US and May 31st in Europe and will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Fuse Game

Fuse Game

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