Fuse Demo Out This Tuesday

Fuse Video Game Demo

Insomniac will release the game demo for their upcoming co-op action title (Fuse) this Tuesday May 7th 2013. The demo will be made available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Gamers will be able to play the role of Naya Deveraux, Dalton Brooks, Jacob Kimble or Izzy Sinclair. Gamers will have the option to play either two-player split-screen or a four player game with cooperative online capabilities.

Fuse has a feature called Leap, which allows players to switch between the four characters during real-time combat. All of the four main characters are each equipped with their own powerful unique Fuse-powered weapon. They will be able to use this to help other players out during tough times.

There’s also a really cool horde mode that has the similarities of the Gears Of War series. Fuse the video game will be launching on May 31st in Europe, and May 28th in North America for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Fuse Video Game Demo
Fuse Video Game Demo

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