The Sims 4 Domain Registered By EA, Reveal Expected Monday

The Sims 4

EA Games look like they have registered a domain name that all but confirms a The Sims 4 title. The gaming studio is set to hold a conference call on Monday with a special announcement about the series expected according to a recent NeoGAF forum thread.

The brand newly registered domain name ( is live and also has a link back to EA’s official Sims website. This is not solid evidence of a reveal, but it’s something to go on. At least we’ll only have to wait 24 hours until tomorrow to find out if EA do announce the latest addition to the hugely successful franchise.

Sim City 3 has already had Movie Stuff, Island Paradise and Dragon Valley expansion packs ready for launch later on this year. According to rumours, The Sims 4 may require the hugely debated always-online connection. Check back tomorrow to see if and light is shed on the matter.

The Sims 4
The Sims 4

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