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Star Wars: Battlefront III Live Stream Gameplay Footage

Star Wars Battlefront III

Gameplay shown off to fans on Star Wars Day

Some Star Wars: Battlefront III gameplay footage has just been shown off by Twitch user PtoPOnline online, less than two hours ago. The archived videos are available to see as they showed off the cancelled game via Live Streaming.

The specific twitch channel in question, and it’s official website ptoponline.com, specialises in producing game-play of pre-released video games before they are even out to the general public. They also provide betas and cancelled games much like Battlefront 3.

The much awaited Star Wars game was 99% compete until it was cancelled way back in the year 2008. You can check out the archived footage of the never before seen gameplay by clicking on any of the links in this post.

Star Wars Battlefront III
Star Wars: Battlefront III

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