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Ex-Developer Reveals Star Wars Battlefront 3 Was Close to Completion

Star Wars Battlefront 3
Star Wars Battlefront 3

A former developer has revealed that Star Wars Battlefront 3 was much closer to completion than fans had anticipated before the reboot of the Battlefront series by DICE. Despite this, the development was ultimately discontinued, leaving fans disappointed that they may not see a release of the highly-anticipated game anytime soon.

The Star Wars Battlefront franchise initially debuted in 2004 on the PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and PC. It offered a combination of first and third-person gameplay, giving players the choice of their preferred perspective. Additionally, the game allowed players to participate in classic Star Wars battles, and its sequel expanded on this while introducing new features and enhancements to the overall experience.

Electronic Arts brought back the Star Wars Battlefront franchise with the release of two new games after a long hiatus. However, despite reigniting the love for the series, the third installment was ultimately cancelled and is now among the list of cancelled Star Wars games.

Lead Designer Sheds New Light

Michael Barclay, a Lead Designer at Naughty Dog and former developer of Star Wars Battlefront 3, recently tweeted that the game was almost complete before it was cancelled. Barclay stated that the game was very close to being finished and that it was going to be amazing. The tweet was in response to a user’s question about games that didn’t make it to release, and it has shed light on how close fans were to experiencing another installment in the Star Wars Battlefront series. Despite mixed reviews at launch for the second Battlefront game, many fans still held out hope for a third game in the franchise.

BF2 was absolutely destroyed by the gaming community at launch for EA’s pay-to-win implementations that has worked so well in other titles such as the FIFA series. Star Wars fans weren’t having any of it though, and EA soon done a u-turn and reversed the model.

The cancellation of Star Wars Battlefront 3 was just another instance in a long-running trend of cancelled projects within the franchise. Not to worry though, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out on the 28th April in just under two weeks time.

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