Call of Duty Ghosts To Have Female’s In Multiplayer Mode

Call of Duty Ghosts LA Live
Call of Duty Ghosts LA Live
Call of Duty Ghosts LA Live

During Activision’s big Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal event in LA Live, there was a trailer where a female soldier seemed to appear in one of the multiplayer matches. This is to be the first ever in the franchises history. This is a significant change for the franchise, which had previously only allowed players to create and customise male characters.

Female soldiers can be selected as playable characters in the multiplayer mode, and players have the option to customise their appearance, including their clothing and gear. This is a welcome addition for many players who wanted to see more diversity and representation in the game.

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Players can customise their character’s appearance, including gender, facial features, attire, and accessories. The multiplayer mode in COD Ghosts offers a range of gameplay options, including various game modes, maps, and customisation options for weapons and loadouts. Players can engage in team-based battles, objective-based modes, and competitive matches against other players worldwide.

Yesterday, Infinity Ward tweeted to their followers and confirmed the news, the tweet can be viewed below.

What do you make of female soldiers being included into the upcoming shooter? Get in touch and let us know all of your thoughts by using the comments box designated below.

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