Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer – All The Trailers Here

If you accidentally missed the Call of Duty: Ghosts livestream and all the gameplay trailers with it, fear not, as we’ve got them all here in once place! The actual main trailer features a track called Survival from American rapper Eminem, that’s never been released or heard before up until now.

COD Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

COD Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

With regards to the gameplay, there’s plenty of shooting and explosions going on, so don’t you worry trigger happy fans. In all there’s four full trailers for you to get through, so grab yourself a refreshing drink, and sit back and enjoy.

First Up- The Debut Multiplayer Trailer

Secondly – The Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition Trailer

Third Up – A Video Showcasing The New Clan Wars Feature

Last Up – Is The Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Global Multiplayer Reveal

The last bit of footage does last quite a long time, but we’re sure that you hardcore fans won’t mind one bit. So what do you make of the official multiplayer reveal for the latest COD installment? Give us your thoughts on the subject by leaving your comments below.

All the YouTube videos are courtesy of The Official Call Of Duty Channel and IGN

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