RuneScape 3 Announced For The Summer

RuneScape 3

Jagex have officially announced that RuneScape 3 will be out sometime this summer. This will not be a new version, but more building on the foundations of RuneScape 2 instead. Every player will also be able to sign in using their existing account information which is handy.

RuneScape 3 offers an open-world fantasy environment where players can explore a vast and immersive world filled with quests, dungeons, cities, and various activities. The gameplay includes combat, skilling (such as fishing, mining, and crafting), player-versus-player encounters, and an extensive trading system.

RuneScape 3 introduces the Evolution of Combat system, which revamped the combat mechanics to offer a more dynamic and action-oriented experience. It introduced abilities, an improved combat interface, and enhanced combat options for players.

The game is designed to run on Windows operating systems, allowing players to download and install the game client on their PCs. The title can also be played directly in a web browser online using Java or HTML5 technology. This means that players can access the game without the need for a separate client download.

Players will also have the option to keep their existing Avatars that they already have shown. There will be a HTML5 engine to make the new version run even faster than ever before too. If players want to continue using java as well, then they can have the option to do so.

As soon as we acquire more additional details on RuneScape 3, we’ll let you know with a brand new post in the coming weeks ahead.

RuneScape 3
RuneScape 3

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