Battlefield 4 Shanghai Location Revealed

Battlefield 4 has been confirmed that the location where all the carnage and destruction will take place is none other than Shanghai. Following on from the Battlefield 3 setting of Iran, the game will now take place in the most populated city in the whole of China.

Many individuals have singed up to the new site since it was launched not that long ago. Now Dice have been revealing exclusive teaser images of the new game on a daily basis for their fans.

On the Battlefield 4 website, there is a big headline saying to come back on March 27th for first official gameplay footage. This city will be immensely awesome to play in giving it’s tall buildings, a famous shipyard and tight urban alleys to catch your enemies off guard.

There are well over 23 million inhabitants living in China’s massive Shanghai city. The modern day shooter looks amazing already,and we haven’t even really seen anything to go on yet. Check out the two new images that Dice have revealed below.

We’ll be covering the March 27th gameplay reveal as it happens on that date, so make sure you check back if you want to see all what Dice are going to show.

Battlefield 4 Shanghai

Battlefield 4 Shanghai

B4 Shanghai

B4 Shanghai


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