Our Full Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is the latest iteration of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise, and was released on March 26, 2013. Published by EA Sports, this franchise has been around since 1998, and is one of the best golf games available in the market.

While the game is by no means ground breaking, nothing major has changed since 2012, it offers plenty of new additions to make it a solid addition to the series, and should be enjoyable to most fans of the sport.

The latest version provides all the usual modes you’ve come to expect, including the career mode. The career mode lets you play through a number of real life golf events as a pro. Like all EA Sports video games, the career mode has tons of content available.

You start the game with only one set of clubs and clothes, with more content, including courses, unlocked as you play. You get experience for every positive stroke you make – birdies, eagles, or even landing on the freeway, you’ll get experience points which will accumulate till you advance a level.

While Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 let you step into Woods’s shoes and play through a number of scenarios that influenced his career, PGA Tour 2014 takes a step further back in time. In the new ‘Legends of the Majors’ mode, you get to experience six different eras of golf. From its inception in the 1800’s to the present day.

Each era has it’s unique aspects like crowds, attire, etc. and you get to play a number of memorable scenarios from each era, around 60 in total. These range from a couple of shots to nine full holes.

You also have the ability to play as, or against nine legends of the game – Tiger, Kevin Palmer (both of whom feature on the cover as well), Seve Ballesteros, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Bobby Jones, Lee Trevino and Sam Snead. Each player has their own distinctive style, which changes and evolves according to the era you play them in.

There are also other minor increments from the previous version. LPGA events have been added accordingly, along with the ability to play all four masters for the first time in the series. You also get 5 new courses, taking the total up to 20, with more courses available as downloadable content is released over the course of the year.

Another unique experience is the addition of a night mode, which lets you play after sunset. It features a day/night cycle with the sun moving along with the time taken. The physics of the game has been enhanced as well to make it feel more life like.

There’s also an increase in the number of members who can be part of a “club” in the online multiplayer – up to 100 from 25. Sadly, there hasn’t been much improvement in the visual graphics, and the game still looks pretty much the same as its predecessor.

Rather than any major changes, this game is more of an incremental update from EA. If the previous version didn’t excite you, this version won’t either. All in all, apart from the slightly dated graphics, this game is a good solid golf game, and should provide the golf lover with weeks of fun. Our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 review gives it a Rating: 7 out of 10 overall.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review

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