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Battlefield 4 Drone Strike DLC Leaked

Battlefield 4 Drone Strike DLC

Battlefield 4 has not even been announced for that long, and already the first ever downloadable content pack has been leaked online. There’s been a poster that was shared on the NeoGAF Forums today.

Earlier in the week, Battlefield 4 was officially unveiled by Dice and Electronic Arts with a 17 minute long first official gameplay trailer revealed. To go with this, Dice also released some new screenshots for fans to get stuck into as well.

We wouldn’t expect EA or Dice to be best pleased with the NeoGAF forum member that decided to leak their first DLC add-on all over the Internet. That is of course, if any of this is true. The image that was shared on the forum could have been fake.

So far EA and Dice have not waved this away as being nothing, nor have they confirmed that Drone Strike is in-fact the first DLC for Battlefield 4. Either way, we’ll all know in time when the actual full version game is released later this year.

From what we can make of the title, Drone Strike (you would think) is possibly going to concentrate on mechanical drones like in previous version of the series. Check out that exact image that has been leaked all over the web, it’s all that we’ve got at the minute.

As soon as we hear word from either Dice or EA, we’ll post it straight here on the GamesLatestNews.com homepage.

Battlefield 4 Drone Strike DLC
Battlefield 4 Drone Strike

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