The Latest GTA 5 Screens Are From Current-Gen Consoles

The 10 new screenshots that were released this week by Rockstar Games are in fact from the current-gen consoles. The revelation was revealed on Rockstar’s official blog today. All of the Grand Theft Auto V characters featured in the latest batch of images released.

Franklin shows off his mini-gun skills in one shot, Michael poses in front of a car, and Trevor rides off a hot pursuit on a motorbike. All of the other seven pictures shows the games main setting (Los Santos) froma number of different camera angles.

There’s also one screenshot showcasing the underwater ocean views, with one character scuba diving. Last but not at all least, there’s a stunning visual shot of the Santa Maria pier. If you missed any of the ten images that were released this week, then click on our GTA Series tag to check out the post yourself.

We did in fact say in our post yesterday that the latest images are probably not from the next-gen consoles. It looks like we were right after all. GTA V will be out on September 17th this year, so make sure you put that date down in your diary.

GTA V Image

GTA V Image

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