GTA 5 Los Santos and Blaine County Detailed, Plus New Screens

The main areas in Grand Theft Auto 5 have been completely detailed in a brand new interactive travelogue that’s brought to you from developers Rockstar Games. The Los Santos and Blaine County regions are covered in depth, so you can find out what you can get up to whilst playing, and what’s on offer in general.

GTA 5 News

GTA 5 News

The comprehensive travelogue has loads of rich information to help players get a better understanding of the two main areas. This includes the growing economy and what properties are up for grabs in the latest installment, the fastest cars you might want to steal or buy, and info on all the neighborhoods with all their unique characters and traits.

The game’s coastal seas and beaches are detailed as well, along with all the shopping stores to purchase clothes and upgrade your characters fashion sense, and the super-cool vehicle customization garages to pimp up your wheels.

There’s not just all of this news either, a fresh batch of screenshots have been releases by Rockstar too! Check them out in our slideshow gallery below.

GTA 5 launches on Xbox 360 and PS3 worldwide on September 17th.

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