GTA 5, 12 Fresh Screenshots

GTA 5 Screenshot 9

Rockstar Games have released a fresh batch of Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are really easy on the eye and showcase how good the violent action game is going to be. Check out the full list of new images below:

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The narrative of GTA V unfolds in the make-believe region of San Andreas, a reflection of Southern California. Players experience the game through the lives of three unique characters—Michael De Santa, a former bank heist maestro now living in luxury, Franklin Clinton, a hustler with ambitions that go beyond petty street crime, and Trevor Philips, a volatile character deeply involved in the narcotics trade and illegal arms dealing.

These unlikely allies find themselves embroiled in an adventurous saga of high-stakes heists, all while navigating the treacherous waters of criminal kingpins and a government filled with corruption. GTA V provides an open-world setting, allowing players to traverse freely through the picturesque rural expanses of San Andreas and the urban hustle and bustle of the fabricated city of Los Santos, a mirror image of Los Angeles.

We hope you all enjoy the latest screens and we’ll post more updates regarding Grand Theft Auto 5 accordingly. GTA V will be out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17th this fall.

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