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Gran Turismo 6 May Be Revealed On May 15th


Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment might be set to officially announce Gran Turismo 6 on May 15th. That is the date that the two giant companies are hosting a celebration at the world famous Silverstone circuit in Northampton England.

The date also makes sense because it will be the 15th anniversary for the racing simulator series. There was an official invitation that was posted on the NeoGAF forums as part of a thread. It reads: “Join Us to Celebrate 15 Years of Gran Turismo, and discover the exciting announcements about its future.”

There’s already been two sitings of GT6 listings on retailer websites this calender year. The popular racing video game franchise is famous for it’s exquisite attention to detail and breathtaking graphics. A release date has been tipped to be later on this year, the same time the Sony PlayStation 4 will launch.

Perhaps GT6 will be coming out on the PS4 this fall! Let us know what you think, and how excited you are about the worlds best racing game making it’s long awaited return.


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