Pre-order Company of Heroes 2 To Gain DLC Access

Company of Heroes 2

Even though the former publisher (THQ) had gone into administration and then went bust, Company of Heroes 2 will still offer all the goods to their loyal fan-base. Gamers who pre-order the game worldwide, will be entitled to a one-off DLC for their troubles.

This bonus is only available at participating retailers, and the downloadable content is only available through pre-ordering the game. Some of the bonuses that you’ll get are a single player Theatre of War special episode, extra multiplayer vehicle skin packs, and two extra commanders for your multiplayer army.

For the German army, there will be a Joint Operations Doctrine which will enhance Offensive Spearhead Doctrine and offensive artillery strikes in battle. This option will be more for players who like to use the Arial threat and the more heavy armour artillery.

The Soviets however, will receive the Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine that will be useful for the likes of Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine and the flamethrower tanks. This is more suited to players who like to quickly assemble reinforcements on the battlefield with utter pace.

If you want to pre-order Company of Heroes 2, you’ve got until June 25th in which to do it. The closed multiplayer beta is currently live right now too.

Company of Heroes 2
Company of Heroes 2

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